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What is a Funnel?

If you’ve been in marketing for , you’ve heard the term “funnel”. You may also have heard related terms like flywheel and campaign.

So just what is a funnel, anyway?

A marketing funnel (aka a “sales funnel”) is a structured way to generate qualified leads into your prospect database (aka your CRM) so you can nurture them into becoming buyers. Hopefully, the sooner the better.

A funnel generally attracts MORE PEOPLE at the top because it’s broad and buying intent is lower, and brings through few people to the bottom. …

Ancient aliens is a ridiculous show that somehow captures viewer’s attention and keeps people talking. How is it so persuasive? I reveal their secret in this blog post.

Table of Contents:
I. What is “Ancient Aliens” and Why Should I Care?
II. The Ancient Aliens Formula
III. Implementing the Ancient Aliens Formula in Your Copywriting
IV. Conclusion & Resources

What is “Ancient Aliens” and Why Should I Care?

Ancient Aliens is a show on the History Channel that’s aired for 11 seasons as of the writing of this article. The show as one “big idea”: Aliens exist and have affected human history since the beginning of time.

If you’ve…

Have you ever wondered how copywriters seem to get inside the head of their ideal buyers and write copy that just And how they can make their clients millions with the right traffic, offer, and copy?

Maybe you haven’t.

But if you have, I want to spill the beans about the “woo woo” secret of top copywriters right here, right now.

You see, direct response copywriters may start with a list of demographics, psychographics, or firmographics…

You know, the common “persona points”:

  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Political and Religious Affiliation
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Job Role and Industry
  • Household Income/ Business…

Congratulations — you just bought a marketing or sales course. The welcome email has rolled in… you’ve joined the associated Facebook group… and you’re ready to get rolling.

If you’re like many, you’ll get about a fifth of the way through before you have a suspicion you are in way over your head. Like a fish out of water, you’re gasping for breath before you try out the shiny new strategies, scripts, and tactics yourself.

Or, maybe you’re like many visionary-types: you’re more than capable of getting the work done… if only you can find the time.

I get it…

The other day I saw this posted by Michel Fortin and just had to comment, as it was too good a topic to pass up:

I reshared it and wrote,

If you want to create more powerful, converting content, hear this. According to one little-known communication genius, sentences should contain less than words on average. Go past this number, he says, and you risk confusion. Even more, he says it’s not just the word counts, but the _______ you convey. (I’ll reveal the secret in a moment!)

Interested? You should be! That’s because this advice was given by one of the most obscure… but oft-recommended… marketing geniuses of our time.

His name? Eugene Schwartz. Born in 1927, his 1995 New York Times obituary calls him an “art collector”…

Looking to improve your copywriting skills? Who isn’t! If you’re looking to improve your copywriting skills, you will do well to follow the advice of a highly regarded and successful ad genius.

That man? Eugene Schwartz, author of and and author of numerous successful ad campaigns. In this article, I highlight 11 key lessons you can learn from Eugene Schwartz to make you a better direct response copywriter — works even if you only write for your own business.

Lesson 1: Your Buyers Think in Images and Stories.

According to Eugene Schwartz’ book,

If you were to ask me which marketing components I’d rather never do without, I’d say that you absolutely must have three: PROOF, PRESTIGE, and PATH. And of these three, the most important (and all-encompassing) is what I call your path, or your STORY.

That’s because there is nothing without your story. Even your proof elements — prestigious clients, successful case studies, and positive client testimonials — tell a story. They indirectly tell the story that you are an expert who has done this kind of work over and over again. …

You are a puppet being used by the 1% for power and fortune.

Before I prove it — no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on — I want to share where I’m coming from so you know I mean no malice.

You see, my profession is copywriting. A copywriter — particularly a direct response copywriter- has one job:

Make the client sales via a written message.

To do that, a copywriter must:

  1. Research the market to find the persona who needs to be targeted.
  2. Get in the head of that persona — what is his or her experience? What does he think? What…

Lynn M. Swayze

Direct Response Copywriter and OfferWhisperer™. I help consultants design their expert positioning and launch better marketi. HubSpot Consultant.

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